You Have Your Bible And I Have Mine (part 2)
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STORY AUTHOR: Dominique Bourque
You Have Your Bible And I Have Mine (part 2)
Pressvue | By Dominique Bourque
Published on: 2017-03-02 at 23:35:45

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I put the gun down and I cried away the remainder of my alcohol buzz and from their I experienced the second most important life changing discovery ever in my life. As the last of the tears fell from my eyes I began to take all of the broken pieces of my mind and form something of use with them.

The first thing was a reasoning that it was not my job to carry anyone else's weight on my shoulders. I had my own weight to carry, and my shoulders were only big enough to carry my own, let alone the weight of someone else's. The next was to respect the person that I was. I did what I needed to do in life, and what I had planned in the future pretty much fell inline with the path in which I had already set forth. The final product was not completed yet, the ship of life was not sitting anchored at it's departing port either, so the course needed to be continued, but just needed a little course correction, that was about all.

Last, and what I deemed to have been the most important, was establishing affirmation for the new rules of my life, and for those who I chose to be within my inner circle, and at that moment was my then teenage son.

The first order of business was that I needed to take care of self, from a constructive perspective and that was (1) my money was meant to take care of my interests first and foremost, (2) my time was meant to take care of my interests first and foremost, and (3) my energy was meant to take care of my interest first and foremost. My interests revolved around my (a) physical health, (b) mental health, and (c) financial health, nothing more and nothing less. Since my son was in my care my job was to apply my efforts to insure what I had listed for myself, also became a priority for him. I would instill all that I know and would learn in life from that point on, and once he graduated from high school, and took his steps into the adult world, then the efforts would be focused back upon me and I would help and advise as needed as a being a father and a mentor, but his life, his decisions, and actions would not and could not affect mine.

As everything became clearer and clearer the weight that burdened my mind and shoulders for years began to magically remove itself, and I felt like a brand new man with an optimistic look on his life. And for all of those who I felt placed that weight, well in my eyes, it sucked to be them, because their weight was not my weight any longer. Thoughts and talk is cheap, something needed to be put in writing whether mentally or on actual paper and there I began to think and write out my ''bible''; and this bible is named, ''The 12 Building Blocks of Success''.

And it's a ''bible'' I have followed to the word, from that day till the present, and it has never failed me.

#1. Always be positive. Focus on meeting your goals, as oppose to failures.
Beware of negative environments.

#2. Goals are those concrete, measurable stepping stones of achievements that tracks your progress towards your dreams and aspirations.

#3. Do not head to temptations or instant gratifications and misplaced priorities.

#4. Take action. Goals will be reduced to dreams if not without positive actions.

#5. Never stop learning. Go back to school or read books. Get training and acquire skills. Take the time to learn your craft, skill, and or tools of your trade.

#6. Be persistent and work hard. Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

#7. Learn to analyze details. Get all the facts, all the input. Learn from your mistakes and apply what you have learned to the future. Acknowledge, harness, repair/nurture, and protect your: (a) strengths, (b) weaknesses, (c) limitations, and (d) negative tendencies.

#8. Acknowledge, harness, repair/nurture, and protect your: (a) mental health, (b) physical health, and (c) financial health. These can not be achieved until one has accomplished building block.....#7.

#9. Focus on your goals and surround yourself with positive people that believe in you. Don't be distracted by naysayer's or tasks that are not helping you achieve your goals.

#10. Learn to understand and motivate others. Successful people develop and nurture a network and they only do that by treating people openly, fairly, and many times, firmly.

#11. The 80/20 Principle states that a minority of causes, inputs or efforts usually leads to a majority of the results, outputs, or rewards. A few things are important; most are not.

#12. Be honest and dependable. Take responsibility. Be accountable for your acts, thoughts, speech and decisions; otherwise all your other efforts won't matter.