Why so many African Americans of today are Democrats when our Core Values are Conservatives.
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STORY AUTHOR: Strong Man Griffin
Why so many African Americans of today are Democrats when our Core Values are Conservatives.
Pressvue | By Strong Man Griffin
Published on: 2017-03-02 at 16:00:37

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Free-market capitalism, the rule of law and private property rights have created more prosperity for more people of all races than any other system anywhere in the world at any time in history. Black communities in the past have acquires much wealth, because we had more discipline and we adopted conservative values. On the other hand liberalism promotes an anything goes mentality, no discipline, thus the achievement level will stay at a bare minimum.

Our core values as black folks is fundamentally conservative, however we feel unwelcome in the republican party. Though I have not delve into the reasons why we are so attached to the democratic party, I can only speculate that there is a fear of the unknown and that the republican party is not diverse enough. The good news is that this myth is slowly evaporated. The democrat had one major card on the republican; they had Obama, the face of the democratic party - and most black folks were fooled by the Obama effect. But, these kinds of schemes doesn't happen too often and I hope that black folks will begin to really think clearly and take a look at both parties, specifically the republican party and make logical choices.

Most democrat runs inner cities are very chaotic, why not try something else; we can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Chicago; Baltimore; Los Angles; and Washington, D.C. are all run by the Democrats, socialists, and mafias; what have we accomplished with this loyalty to these mafias? I'll wait...

The stats are out there for all to see wedlock birth, unemployment rate, the disrespecting of the elders. Black youth today are out of control.