The decline of America and the end of Family Values. We are a nation in crisis.
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STORY AUTHOR: David Johnson
The decline of America and the end of Family Values. We are a nation in crisis.
Pressvue | By David Johnson
Published on: 2017-02-04 at 22:56:55

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Men Are Responsible For A Healthy National Birthrate, Too

The word ''nation'' comes from the Latin term for ''birth'' Like a business, a nation is intended to continue forward into the future with no endpoint—a ''going concern.'' However, the liberal embrace of feminism and ''LGBT'' rights has interrupted this process of national continuity, with potentially devastating consequences, namely the end of the nation itself.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to realize that feminist drives result in fewer childbirths, as women selfishly don a pair of pants and place their careers ahead of their traditional role of motherhood. Likewise, without delving too deeply into the gory details in a family-oriented publication, the unions of homosexuals also do not produce children—homosexuals can never have children of their own, but seek to adopt (i.e. recruit) those of others. These twin forces of political and parental sterility have teamed up to crash the national birthrate (at least among the traditional, non-immigrant demographic) which will lead directly to the fall of the nation if left unchecked.

To be sure, this demographic transformation did not occur overnight, nor is it limited to the United States. This state of affairs impacts Western Civilization in general since the causative malady arises directly from the French Revolution of 1789. The French Revolution birthed liberalism, also known as egalitarianism, and then societal trends began to erode the traditional family. By the 1960s, feminism and the gay rights movement had secured a foothold in the United States after years of gradual infiltration of its institutions by the Left (the famed Gramscian ''Long March''), culminating in the culture wars waged by the forces of political correctness in the 1990s. Indeed, it is probably one of the ironic jokes of the universe that the riots that began the gay rights movement occurred at a place called ''Stonewall,'' since that fateful event has led to the ''stonewalling'' of the national birthrate.

The solution, of course, is to bring men back to their respective positions as leaders—at the level of the nation as well as the level of the family (the fundamental building block of the nation). This is really the natural state of affairs among humans, and only has been thwarted by the forces of the Left for a relatively small length of time when compared to the overall sweep of human history. Liberalism is but a blip as the centuries tick by, albeit a dangerous one.

Men do not really have to ''do anything'' to assume their role as leaders again, since this is an innate quality—they merely must be themselves again. Men returning to their senses takes courage, courage to recognize that they are the wardens of the mental prison in which they are held. Men must realize that they need only to insert the key into the lock and turn it, no matter what the media, educational system, or other ''beta cucks'' and ''white knights'' may say. And their children, should they come into existence, will thank them for it.