Making Americans Unapologetically Themselves Again, and the Return of Man.
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STORY AUTHOR: Odinga Mubutu
Making Americans Unapologetically Themselves Again, and the Return of Man.
Pressvue | By Odinga Mubutu
Published on: 2017-01-30 at 16:54:33

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The recent march of (liberal) women on Washington, D.C. has exposed the dividing line between the Trump Administration and the increasingly gynocentric society under which the United States currently suffers. Liberalism, after all, is a soft ideology that focuses on feelings rather than hard-headed policy thinking, and an ideology that embraces dependence upon Father Government for sustenance rather than the old American ideals of independence and self-reliance. President Trump is not a liberal, so conflict—and hilarity—ensues. In his first week in office, President Trump produced a dizzying whirlwind of policy reforms and executive actions. These Women of the Left don't know which way to turn in the midst of this ''shock and awe'' campaign.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment thus far for returning men's rights to their proper place was President Trump's re-establishment of the ''Mexico City'' policy prohibiting federal funding for overseas abortions. Fighting abortion is a key element of breaking the stranglehold of feminism upon the American mind, since modern women seem to enshrine ''muh hole!'' as their chief organizing political principle. Once women can no longer escape the consequences of their sexual actions, nor abandon their families, a proper re-orientation toward home life will settle in. In short, women will remember how to be women again.

If women become good women again, this bodes well for the larger principle of meritocracy that President Trump will initiate across America. Many identifiable communities in the United States will be encouraged to step up to the plate and be the best that they can be—no wallowing in victimhood. For example, Peter Thiel, advisor to the president, is a great exemplar of how Trump has reached out to the LGBT community (which tends to be wealthy and influential far beyond its numbers as a percentage of the population, to be outdone only by the Jews). Dr. Ben Carson will be encouraging African-Americans to uplift themselves in his role as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to head a successful presidential campaign, has in recent interviews identified herself as a ''post-feminist,'' and clearly seems to believe that President Trump makes room for competent and confident woman in his life (besides his beautiful wife Melania, of course).

But not all American women are on board with putting America first again, ahead of whatever other distractions these moderns may harbor within. Madonna, for instance, recently created waves when she suggested blowing up the White House. President Trump condemned her words as ''disgusting,'' ''disgraceful,'' and suggested that they undermine the very cause she claims to be promoting. At first glance, I'm tempted to recommend that President Trump make an example of her by sending the Secret Service after her to create a little pressure on her. But then I realized that this is exactly what Madonna would want—to be cast as a martyr before the cameras, a damsel in distress that would act like a beacon for every beta male white knight within a thousand miles.

The best revenge, of course, would be to ignore Madonna—and the rest of the marchers and protesters and never-satisfied ne'er-do-wells. Silence casts one's enemies into irrelevance. There's so much work ahead of us to ''make America great again'' that the words of has-been actresses and paid Soros street theater thugs must be left behind in the dust.

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Posted on: 2017-03-13 at 01:56:39 There is a false narrative circulating among Alt-right commentary, Trumpism proponents, and ''tough love'' Black social leaders which is exemplified by characters such as Ben Carson. It implies that racial relations were great before agitators like Malcolm X and MLK came along and that in the post-war boom years Africans in the USA had a nice idyllic lifestyle until the spoiled brats of the baby boom ruined everything with their incessant whining and social activism. Furthermore, it assumes that nothing happened in the way of official policy to destroy African-americans' cultural cohesion and that now, we simply have to lift ourselves up by rugged individualism just like all of the successful European expatriate settlers did. This is an asinine view in my opinion and if people reference exemplars like the so-called jews and homosexuals as a model, they should also refer to the fact that they have a rules for which to facilitate their social relations which confer reward and punishment. For Africans in America this mechanism of behaviour modification is now and always has been controlled by non-Africans. So until these negros like Carson get together to establish these rules and actually DELIVER real and tangible benefits for compliance to their view of morality, they need to shut the hell up and go back to their jewish and white benefactors for more handouts. PEOPLE DON'T CHANGE BECAUSE OF A MORALISING SERMON! THEY CHANGE BECAUSE IT IS IN THEIR MATERIAL INTEREST TO DO SO!! Back
John: There is a false narrative circulating among alt-right comment

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