Haitian Entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard Built Second Bus in Haiti by Haitian Engineers.
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STORY AUTHOR: Sandra Pierre
Haitian Entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard Built Second Bus in Haiti by Haitian Engineers.
Pressvue | By Sandra Pierre
Published on: 2017-04-24 at 19:31:01

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He is the man who build the bus and call it ''Haitian Pride'', symbolic, Jean Paul Coutard.

Folks. the clear message is ''DO FOR SELF''. No one is coming to our rescue. It is possible, this man proves it: ''Jean Paul Coutard''. A man with great discipline and determination.

I was doing research on Haiti and found that he is not the only one there making things happen; there are lots of young men making cars there and I will write an article about them as well. Many young women are in technology as well. There are many schools being built there.

In May 2006, when President Rene Preval was taking oath of his presidency, Coutard felt determined to make his dream come true. He took this as a challenge. His first step in achieving his dream was to win a scholarship from Canada to learn coach design. While studying in Canada, he took a part time job. He used his earnings to import various body parts from the UK, Australia and Canada. He waited a long time to find the right time to launch his dream. Following the 2010 earthquake, he returned home and began production with his family firm, 'Coutard Motors'.

On 22 August 2013, his dream came true. The first prototype bus made in Haiti was presented at the Metropolitan Industrial Park SONAPI in the presence of several ministers and members of the Government.

More to come on Haitian Technology soon - there is a lot going on in Haiti that the so called mainstream is not showing.

More: http://www.haitianphotos.com/photos/who-is-jean-paul-coutard.html